Design is a combination of function, aesthetic appeal, self expression and design quality. It can be loud and it can be silent. It can be yours and it can be mine. It can be simple and it can be multi-layered. It can be anything as long as it follows our core values.

It always stands up for values that contribute to a sustainable world view and living standards.
When developing new products we always consider functionality of the product in a practical sense, aesthetic functionality, comfort of the fit, quality of materials, socially responsible manufacturing, whether the material is respectful towards the planet and the people, and the products’ potential of timelessness. All aspects are of equal importance.

Art is an important aspect of Tales of Anyday universe and is incorporated through print design and art projects created from waste. That way we furthermore communicate our values and beliefs.

Our design process is constructed of 7 key pillars that we always keep in mind throughout our processes:
Aesthetic expression
Manufacturing process